Green Garbs

Green is the new black. After the award winning documentary by Al Gore, An Inconvienent Truth, society has begun to transfer its green money into green products. The spotlight is no longer focused on hybrid cars; instead it is on biodesil fuels, organic and locally grown produce, and more recently organic clothing. Popular textiles used in the construction of these organic garments range from pineapple to bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on the earth, and when spun into a textile form it is characterized by its good hygroscopility, excellent permeability, and soft feel. Loudermilk HamnettApplications of bamboo can be found as bathrobes, close fitting t-shirts, and undergarments. Katharine Hamnett and Linda Loudermilk are just some designers on the edge of the new “text-nology” and are re-inventing the basic cotton tee and the little black dress. It may come in the form of a car, a black dress or even as simple as an apple, but the one characteristic they all share is an irrepressible force to make a better tomorrow.


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