About me

I was born in Bermerhaven, Germany July 10th 1987 to the most excellent people ever, Rhett Howell and Victoria Currier. As the following implies, at the age of two my parents divorced. I have one full blood sister, Ashley Howell, and two half blood brothers, Taylor Cannon, and Ryan Howell, yeah I know lets see how many names we can fit into one family. So how and when did I make my way to Texas…lemme tell you. I was born in Germany because my father was in the army and thats where we were stationed, but when I was born the first thing my lil’ baby feet touched was the puriest soil on earth and it was from Texas. My grandfather didnt want me to be some foreigner so he sifted soil and packaged it up and sent to my parents. When I was two, after the padres split, my mother, sister and I packed up and made our way back to the wonderful Houston, Texas htown.jpg which is where I call home, but now I live in Huntington Beach, California because I moved out here to get into the fashion industry. THE END.


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