Reason behind Procrastination

Today is May 9th and week 5, and tomorrow 20 blogs and a website are due but I have only written 4, maybe 5…and that sucks. Now Im sitting at school and its disguistingly hot which is making the whole school smell as old and rotten as it is, YUCK! So what am I doing instead of blogging, which by the way is a complete waste of my time, I am myspacing and facebooking, and thats why I am going to write a blog about myspace and facebook. Facebook is a social networking website and was created in 2004. Today facebook has one of the largest number registered users with over 25 million members worldwide and brings in a revenue of $50,000,000 dollars. Myspace is also another popular social networking website and the modern version was founded just a year before facebook. As of 2006 it was reported to have over a hundred million members, which makes myspace the third most popular website in the U.S. In 2005 Myspace was bought by parent company Fox Broadcasting for $580 million dollars, which gives Fox a great upper hand in advertising to gen Yer’s and Zer’s. I am fan of both of networks because it is a great way to keep in touch with all of my friends back home in Texas, and because you can look at pictures, but I am afraid it has the ability for me develop stalking habits…haha ex boyfriends! ms.jpgfb.jpg


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