time flies

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my youth and the way that time flows. Life is such a long time, but lately, it seems like i never have time to do the things I want to do. Instead I am always running around doing everything I have to do, and I barely even have time for that. Mostly the chores include my car, my bills and rent, my schoolwork, my work work, food, and cleaning. It fills up every day…so much that I don’t even sleep. I think back to when I was little and how I never thought about these things…mostly because my parents were there to do things for me or because i didnt have the privledges that i do now. But also I just had no real concept of time passing. I didn’t really think about the future and growing up, it just happened. Now, I have to think about it everyday out of fear if i miss a beat I will mess it all up. I heard about the book Einstein’s dreams and I think it would interest me alot. It is supposedly a fictional interpretation of how einstein may have come to his theory of relativity. It talks a lot about the way that time flows. Time is so mind boggling because it is the ONLY thing we absolutely have no control over..and cannot move around in. We have conquered the theory of space and although we havent explored all of it yet we know its out there and we can certainly move around in it. With time, we cannot go forward any faster or backward, we cannot even make it stay the same. I just think this is something I would be more interested in looking into…you know….when i have the time.


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