I have broken a record: 6 months without seeing my family. I have a 2 or 1 (how pathetic I cant even remember) year old niece and I havent hadnt any opportunity to see her grow up and its a horrible feeling because I dont know how she is going to react when I see her this July. I am also a very big Daddy’s girl and I havent seen him in six months and Im going crazy, oh and I also have 7 year old brother who is the love of my life and one of my best friends and last time I talked him he said to me “sissy I miss you and I dont want you to go back to California I want you to stay her forever” I cried because I missed him so much. Sometimes I wonder if its even worth it, monetary vs. family, a constant battle, but thats not all I am out here for its for personal growth as well. This past weekend my Father called me and told me that he bought my plane ticket and I will be going home July 13th and will be staying for two whole weeks, and I cannot wait! fam.jpg


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