Grr to boyfriends

He was wearing a zip up jacket at night when I first saw him, and my initial thought was whoweeee he is HOTT, but I thought I would never get the chance to meet him…but I did! It was a typical night at baycrest and my room mate and I were watching a movie and she had invited over some boys, and HE happened to be one of them! He and I ended up talking all night about everything and we had sooo much in common, he left at 5 in the morning and we didnt see or talk to each other for three weeks…kinda bummer I know. BUT one night I was hanging out with Alicia again and the boys called and said they were going to tijuana, I wasnt feeling well and didnt want to got but I heard he was going so I went…and it was AMAZING! We danced all night, held hands, and kissed! After that night we were pretty much inseperable and I never enjoyed myself with a boyfriend as much I did with him…and then he broke up with me NEW YEARS DAY! greg.jpg Yeah pretty much the day right after he called and told me how great I was…LAME! So its been like 6 months and I still think about him everyday…so emo! The worst part is that he has a girlfriend, but wait why? because his excuse for breaking up with me was because he had a demanding schedule and I was an excellent girlfriend and he didnt feel that it was right for me because he couldnt give me everything I wanted, pretty sure I was okay with how things were, but WHATEVER! BOYS SUCK…ESPECIALLY HIM!


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