Hottie next door

My best friend has a hott neighboor, like really really hott, and he just broke up with his girlfriend; which is bad but good. Anyways so the good part is that he is totally digging on me, the bad news is that he is so hott he makes me retarded! I have had several occassions to kiss him and have passed all of them like he was no big deal, which is good a couple of times it keeps him on his feet, but geez its been like 5 times now! Just this past weekend, Alicia’s 21st, we rented out the presidentail suite of the Hilton and Josh and I were in the marble everything bathroom and he tired to kiss me but I didnt…because I suck! My lame excuse was I HAVE COTTON MOUTH, so its kinda legit but dangit I should have drank some water from the faucet. I am going to be beating myself up all week until I have the opportunity to make out with him…and by goly I will!


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