Pimpin is easy

I dont know where the saying pimpin aint easy came from, because it is. Good story: On the plane ride back to Texas for Christmas I met a guy, he was sitting next to me and I knew he was a pretty cool guy when he said he wanted to buy adult footed pajamas, anyways so I gave him my number and we started talking. Luckily* a week later I was single and so when I came back to Long Beach Travis* and I met up and had lunch. So I have been seeing Travis* for 6 months now, while at the same time atleast maintaining 3 other boyfriend’s* on the side. There has been Cody, Sam, Josh, Brad, and I cant even remember anymore. My motto is “If I cant have the one boy who has all of the qualities I want, then I’ll just have to date alot of them and collectively they will have all of my favorite characteristics!” So I love boys…all of them, and Im thinking about maybe becoming the female hugh hefner!pimp.jpg


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