Fashionista, its a website for blogging

I hate this term, I think if I could have it my way I’d quit, Im sooooo over forced learning. I have insitutionally developed my brain for 16 out of 20 years of my life now… I think im at a point of over saturation. You can lecture all you want, but Im at maximum capicity for your petty bullshit. I dont give two shits about writing these blogs, theyre a waste of my time. Heres a list of other ways I could effectively be using my time write now: researching potential careers TO MAKE MONEY because I graduate(hopefully) in one month, conversing with a loved one, cleaning, working TO MAKE MONEY, networking TO MAKE MONEY, working out, tanning, cooking, eating, reading a book or a magazine…screw it even myspace has more of beneficiary outcome then this stupid ass blog…yay I get an A because I dedicated hours to some pointless crap, but isnt the point of school (especially a $30,000 school) to learn? So I ask myself at the end of this babble you count as credit, what the hell did I actually learn? WWW.WORDPRESS.COM, its a website for blogging. THE END!


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