Spring Hoods!

You know you’re from Spring Woods…

You know your from Spring Woods if…

you know your better than any memorial Stratford or Northbrook kids put together cause instead of talkin’ shit… you bring it..

You don’t sue or press charges on people .. you beat their ass

you spend all your money on a)weed, b)alcohol, or c) your car

You chill outside the field house after the football games

You always hit up Taqueria at 4 A.M. and see everyone you know

You have been offered some sort of drug or sipped on some drank during lunch/in the bathroom

Your glad that EVERY SINGLE ONE of your friends isn’t exactly the same as you

you can go up to a black guy and call him a bitch and he wont do anything about it, only because he’s one of your best friends

Half of the Mexican Chicks get pregnant in 9th or 10th grade year!

You cause food fights so big that the faculty is so pissed that they don’t know what to do and everyone is dismissed early from school.

When it’s raining, everyone’s hair looks like shit.

White people and ghetto people get along perfectly.

The school fire alarm rings more then once a week.

You run into girls braiding people’s hair.

During a passing period, when you yell the name “Jose”, half the guys turn around.

you swear you see a new pregnant girl every day

you have almost been run over by that kid in the wheelchair

Officer brown has pulled you over…realized it was you and let you go!!!

The music you hear bangin’ in the parking lot ISN’T COUNTRY!

The stands at the games aren’t full of parents.

You think morning Pep Ralleys are dumb ass hell

Memorial and Stratford kids know not to come around our “side of the tracks”

Not everyone drives a truck

You see white boys with grills and braids

Boys sell CD’s of them rappin’

There is only ONE preppy white group

Our booster clubs don’t have unlimited funds

People are not shocked to see interracial relationships



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