words of great importance that will gargle and slur

sometimes the days pass and i dont know where they go, i would have liked to stay and stop and ponder on the speed of time but it caught up with me and though i ran like hell it follows me like your shadow..something i can’t throw away. i want to detach and float for a while. i want to take a step away from the waste that i lay behind me. it throws me away…it throws me into every new decision that i have to make. I paint to create a picture that doesnt move. then i wash the excess down the drain…the colors are pretty but they swirl down the drain like everything else. i am a destroyer, i pose as a creator but i never get anything done. i wish i could lay waste to your petty smiles and your heartless promises. i wish i could lay waste to your ugly pretty face. the moon mocks me because it speaks to me cooly and calmly and tells me that everything is still and i have all the time i need. i dont need your fucking time. i wish i could lay waste to the moon and all the love ive thrown over it. the whole world is sinking and drowning and spinning out of control and there is no creator left but us destroyers. have you given up? you one hit wonder, you pose as a creator but you have nothing left. youre wiping your canvas clean and washing all the pretty colors down the drain and were swirling together and singing and laughing and speaking words of great importance that will gargle and slur as the last drop falls. i want to stop like the painting. i want to be part of the canvas better yet the brush. i want to hold on to my shadows of you and my one…my ONE time to be happy to be whole and to be floating. i floated so close to the sun i saw rainbows in your shadow and i floated so blissfully i forgot about the paint and the drowning and the fact that bubbles pop. i floated to make your shadow bigger i got too far away from you. and now i cant seem to get back to the air just one breath and maybe ill stop swirling. breathe on me. its too late.


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