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Cut Short Love novel

I have ten minutes to write I think like 4 blogs… I dont think it will happen, but whatev’s this is all just gibberish anyways. I’ll write about my awesome BF. So I had a boyfriend during the holiday’s when I was heading home, and on the plane ride back I was sitting next to a guy who was from houston and lived in Manhattan beach, but worked in Long beach. I didnt like him at first, but I knew he was dope when he was showing me the adult footed pajamas in the Sky Mall magazine. So we talked about places that we love in houston, and our families…and then we did the inevitable; joined the mile high club…J/K we slept. At the end of it we exchanged numbers and departed. On our way out of the plane he was held up looking for his garment bag and when I was headed toward baggage claim and heard over the speaker that there was a mis happen and NOW IM OUT OF TIME…THE END!


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