This weekend was pretty good…lemme tell you. So Friday morning I woke up and helped my boyfriend pack for Vegas, and then headed out to LB to pick up my stipend check (yay!) Then I went and fixed all of my nasty and negative bank accounts (yay!) and then I picked up some delicious coffee from its a grind and headed out to L.A. for internship (boo). But the good thing about interning in L.A. is easy access to santi alley where you can buy all of the cutest clothes that are selling in high end boutiques, for just a little over whole sale. So I bought a pair of jeans and a cute dress, yes I know Im bad, dont tell my mom. Then I went to internship and did stupid bitch work for free (boo). Then I recieved a call from an old room mate and a good friend who happened to be in LA at the time and wanted to grab a bite to eat, so that was exciting. We met up around 5 and decided to go to Melrose to a cute little cafe that she loves, but it was already closed by the time we got there. So we kept walking til we found this pretty awesome mexican restaurant that looked like it had cheap drinks and a good atmosphere…and we were right! We had some coronas and some margaritas and didnt even get carded. We didnt think they were strong and so we had another one and then decided to leave, but when we stood up we realized that they were pretty strong and that we were a bit tipsy, so we went to some shops and walked off our drunkness so we could drive home. Then we drove home and on the way one of my girlfriends called and said she wanted to go out to Harry O’s so I told her I would, and she picked me up and we headed out. It was a good evening going out…I got drunk!


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