No School = Me loosing weight and saving money

So everyday I tell myself “Today I am not going to get its a grind” and everyday I am late to class because I get Its a Grind…I think Im addicted. Its just oh so delicious. Although it cost $6.22 for a bagel with cream cheese and a double iced white mocha, in a twisted way it saves me money because its very filling, and it also gives me energy. On the negative side, it is very fatting. Everyday when I walk through the double glass door I check my reflection to see if my thighs are getting bigger, and today I think I saw some un-neccessary fat. Thank God this is the last week of school because I live in Huntington and there isnt an Its a Grind there, and the only reason I come to LBC is for school; so no school equals me loosing weight and saving money! iag_logo.gif


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