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I had so many plans for saturday, but they were all blown out of the window because I was sooo hung over. I woke up Sat. morn and watched some TV with my friends. Then Gale and I went and had lunch at our friend Kevin’s restaurant, which by the way is the best. I tried to eat but I felt that if I ate my scrumptous food, that I might barf it back up…so I took it to go. After that Gale and I headed back home, and on our way we passed the Goldenwest college swap meet, and so we decided to stop. It was awesome walking around in our previous night’s get up looking at everybody’s random crap. But we did find some awesomeness, one tent that was kind of hidden was selling true religions, sevens, rock and republic and lacoste clothing for uber cheap. So I got a pair of sevens and Gale got some true religions and some lacoste for her BF and Dad. Afterwards I headed home and laid in my awesome bed. Then I went to sugar shack with my girlies, and then came home and was gunna take another quick nap and then go get my nails done. But over slept and ended up not being able to get them done, I was kinda bummed. So I picked up dinner and rented some movies, I rented Bobby and Breaking and Entering. Bobby is pretty much my new favorite movie, the cast was killer and the movie was inspirational. Then I went to bed early because my boyfriend who is ADD and never sleeps was out of town so I got to catch up on my sleep.


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