Since I went to bed early on Saturday I woke up early on Sunday and the first thing I did was call my Father and Step Father and wish them happy Pop’s day. After that I decided to get up and go grab some coffee and get my nails done. So I went to this salon I have never been to before at the Bella Terra Center, it is called Happy Nails. Going to Happy Nails was a good decision because it is an awesome salon, the set up is very relaxing and all of their commodities and tools are very professional. I got a full set with light pink polish(because its all the rage right now) and then I got a pedi with the same color and a cute purple flower that has a multi colored stone in the middle…LOVE IT! Then my girlfriend called and wanted to grab lunch, but I had to go to Target and pick up some household goods and some toiletries. After Target which is always an awesome/expensive time, I headed home and my girlfriend and I headed out to the beach. On our way to the beach we smelt some bbq which was sensational so we got side tracked, but I believe it was destiny. OMG I felt at home, they had amazing bbq and the best…SWEET TEA! So we got fat instead of tan, and then headed back home and laid out in the back yard. After that tay went to work and I went across the street to do some Laundry and HW. Then I came home and cleaned the house since my mother will be visiting this week. Then I showered and laid in bed and passed time watching Golden Girls until Travis got back in town so that we could go to bed.


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