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Cut Short Love novel

I have ten minutes to write I think like 4 blogs… I dont think it will happen, but whatev’s this is all just gibberish anyways. I’ll write about my awesome BF. So I had a boyfriend during the holiday’s when I was heading home, and on the plane ride back I was sitting next to a guy who was from houston and lived in Manhattan beach, but worked in Long beach. I didnt like him at first, but I knew he was dope when he was showing me the adult footed pajamas in the Sky Mall magazine. So we talked about places that we love in houston, and our families…and then we did the inevitable; joined the mile high club…J/K we slept. At the end of it we exchanged numbers and departed. On our way out of the plane he was held up looking for his garment bag and when I was headed toward baggage claim and heard over the speaker that there was a mis happen and NOW IM OUT OF TIME…THE END!



Since I went to bed early on Saturday I woke up early on Sunday and the first thing I did was call my Father and Step Father and wish them happy Pop’s day. After that I decided to get up and go grab some coffee and get my nails done. So I went to this salon I have never been to before at the Bella Terra Center, it is called Happy Nails. Going to Happy Nails was a good decision because it is an awesome salon, the set up is very relaxing and all of their commodities and tools are very professional. I got a full set with light pink polish(because its all the rage right now) and then I got a pedi with the same color and a cute purple flower that has a multi colored stone in the middle…LOVE IT! Then my girlfriend called and wanted to grab lunch, but I had to go to Target and pick up some household goods and some toiletries. After Target which is always an awesome/expensive time, I headed home and my girlfriend and I headed out to the beach. On our way to the beach we smelt some bbq which was sensational so we got side tracked, but I believe it was destiny. OMG I felt at home, they had amazing bbq and the best…SWEET TEA! So we got fat instead of tan, and then headed back home and laid out in the back yard. After that tay went to work and I went across the street to do some Laundry and HW. Then I came home and cleaned the house since my mother will be visiting this week. Then I showered and laid in bed and passed time watching Golden Girls until Travis got back in town so that we could go to bed.


I had so many plans for saturday, but they were all blown out of the window because I was sooo hung over. I woke up Sat. morn and watched some TV with my friends. Then Gale and I went and had lunch at our friend Kevin’s restaurant, which by the way is the best. I tried to eat but I felt that if I ate my scrumptous food, that I might barf it back up…so I took it to go. After that Gale and I headed back home, and on our way we passed the Goldenwest college swap meet, and so we decided to stop. It was awesome walking around in our previous night’s get up looking at everybody’s random crap. But we did find some awesomeness, one tent that was kind of hidden was selling true religions, sevens, rock and republic and lacoste clothing for uber cheap. So I got a pair of sevens and Gale got some true religions and some lacoste for her BF and Dad. Afterwards I headed home and laid in my awesome bed. Then I went to sugar shack with my girlies, and then came home and was gunna take another quick nap and then go get my nails done. But over slept and ended up not being able to get them done, I was kinda bummed. So I picked up dinner and rented some movies, I rented Bobby and Breaking and Entering. Bobby is pretty much my new favorite movie, the cast was killer and the movie was inspirational. Then I went to bed early because my boyfriend who is ADD and never sleeps was out of town so I got to catch up on my sleep.


This weekend was pretty good…lemme tell you. So Friday morning I woke up and helped my boyfriend pack for Vegas, and then headed out to LB to pick up my stipend check (yay!) Then I went and fixed all of my nasty and negative bank accounts (yay!) and then I picked up some delicious coffee from its a grind and headed out to L.A. for internship (boo). But the good thing about interning in L.A. is easy access to santi alley where you can buy all of the cutest clothes that are selling in high end boutiques, for just a little over whole sale. So I bought a pair of jeans and a cute dress, yes I know Im bad, dont tell my mom. Then I went to internship and did stupid bitch work for free (boo). Then I recieved a call from an old room mate and a good friend who happened to be in LA at the time and wanted to grab a bite to eat, so that was exciting. We met up around 5 and decided to go to Melrose to a cute little cafe that she loves, but it was already closed by the time we got there. So we kept walking til we found this pretty awesome mexican restaurant that looked like it had cheap drinks and a good atmosphere…and we were right! We had some coronas and some margaritas and didnt even get carded. We didnt think they were strong and so we had another one and then decided to leave, but when we stood up we realized that they were pretty strong and that we were a bit tipsy, so we went to some shops and walked off our drunkness so we could drive home. Then we drove home and on the way one of my girlfriends called and said she wanted to go out to Harry O’s so I told her I would, and she picked me up and we headed out. It was a good evening going out…I got drunk!

No School = Me loosing weight and saving money

So everyday I tell myself “Today I am not going to get its a grind” and everyday I am late to class because I get Its a Grind…I think Im addicted. Its just oh so delicious. Although it cost $6.22 for a bagel with cream cheese and a double iced white mocha, in a twisted way it saves me money because its very filling, and it also gives me energy. On the negative side, it is very fatting. Everyday when I walk through the double glass door I check my reflection to see if my thighs are getting bigger, and today I think I saw some un-neccessary fat. Thank God this is the last week of school because I live in Huntington and there isnt an Its a Grind there, and the only reason I come to LBC is for school; so no school equals me loosing weight and saving money! iag_logo.gif

Blog # 28…i think?

So I just wrote a blog and I accidently pressed a button at the top of the page and so I pressed the back button and it brought me back to here…but the page was empty! What a pain, but since I like to be optimistic (sometimes) the up side is I now have another topic to write about and then I can write another one about what was deleted! Yay!

Human Mind

The human mind is not capable of grasping the Universe. We are like a little child entering a huge library. The walls are covered to the ceilings with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written these books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. But the child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books—a mysterious order which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects. — Einstein

words of great importance that will gargle and slur

sometimes the days pass and i dont know where they go, i would have liked to stay and stop and ponder on the speed of time but it caught up with me and though i ran like hell it follows me like your shadow..something i can’t throw away. i want to detach and float for a while. i want to take a step away from the waste that i lay behind me. it throws me away…it throws me into every new decision that i have to make. I paint to create a picture that doesnt move. then i wash the excess down the drain…the colors are pretty but they swirl down the drain like everything else. i am a destroyer, i pose as a creator but i never get anything done. i wish i could lay waste to your petty smiles and your heartless promises. i wish i could lay waste to your ugly pretty face. the moon mocks me because it speaks to me cooly and calmly and tells me that everything is still and i have all the time i need. i dont need your fucking time. i wish i could lay waste to the moon and all the love ive thrown over it. the whole world is sinking and drowning and spinning out of control and there is no creator left but us destroyers. have you given up? you one hit wonder, you pose as a creator but you have nothing left. youre wiping your canvas clean and washing all the pretty colors down the drain and were swirling together and singing and laughing and speaking words of great importance that will gargle and slur as the last drop falls. i want to stop like the painting. i want to be part of the canvas better yet the brush. i want to hold on to my shadows of you and my one…my ONE time to be happy to be whole and to be floating. i floated so close to the sun i saw rainbows in your shadow and i floated so blissfully i forgot about the paint and the drowning and the fact that bubbles pop. i floated to make your shadow bigger i got too far away from you. and now i cant seem to get back to the air just one breath and maybe ill stop swirling. breathe on me. its too late.

Spring Hoods!

You know you’re from Spring Woods…

You know your from Spring Woods if…

you know your better than any memorial Stratford or Northbrook kids put together cause instead of talkin’ shit… you bring it..

You don’t sue or press charges on people .. you beat their ass

you spend all your money on a)weed, b)alcohol, or c) your car

You chill outside the field house after the football games

You always hit up Taqueria at 4 A.M. and see everyone you know

You have been offered some sort of drug or sipped on some drank during lunch/in the bathroom

Your glad that EVERY SINGLE ONE of your friends isn’t exactly the same as you

you can go up to a black guy and call him a bitch and he wont do anything about it, only because he’s one of your best friends

Half of the Mexican Chicks get pregnant in 9th or 10th grade year!

You cause food fights so big that the faculty is so pissed that they don’t know what to do and everyone is dismissed early from school.

When it’s raining, everyone’s hair looks like shit.

White people and ghetto people get along perfectly.

The school fire alarm rings more then once a week.

You run into girls braiding people’s hair.

During a passing period, when you yell the name “Jose”, half the guys turn around.

you swear you see a new pregnant girl every day

you have almost been run over by that kid in the wheelchair

Officer brown has pulled you over…realized it was you and let you go!!!

The music you hear bangin’ in the parking lot ISN’T COUNTRY!

The stands at the games aren’t full of parents.

You think morning Pep Ralleys are dumb ass hell

Memorial and Stratford kids know not to come around our “side of the tracks”

Not everyone drives a truck

You see white boys with grills and braids

Boys sell CD’s of them rappin’

There is only ONE preppy white group

Our booster clubs don’t have unlimited funds

People are not shocked to see interracial relationships


Growing up

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your best friend.You’ll blame a new love for things an old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.