Love is what I got, it’s within my reach.

I’m always trying to explain my life, and why I feel, or think the way I do.
I’ve always overanalyzed and I’ve never been quite enough.

But I’ve always just wanted to laugh.

& I’m doing that now!

Maybe it’s because its summer and the obligation of school will be non-existent for a couple months, maybe because I’ll be moving out soon, maybe because I actually love someone, or maybe because I’m getting better.

I’m getting better.

How I’ve waited to say those words.

Sometimes I let the anxiety and insecurities take over, but I think that’s to be expected.

My friends and loved ones are just going to have to help me through it.

It’s been almost a year since I recovered from my eating disorder,

And although I think about anorexia sometimes, I never act on it.

I’m comfortable.

I’m comfortable.

I’m comfortable.

I think I have quite a few emotional scars, and maybe someday they’ll stop affecting my habits and decisions, but they no longer control my life.

Insousiant, heureux, et dans l’amour

Advertisements, its a website for blogging

I hate this term, I think if I could have it my way I’d quit, Im sooooo over forced learning. I have insitutionally developed my brain for 16 out of 20 years of my life now… I think im at a point of over saturation. You can lecture all you want, but Im at maximum capicity for your petty bullshit. I dont give two shits about writing these blogs, theyre a waste of my time. Heres a list of other ways I could effectively be using my time write now: researching potential careers TO MAKE MONEY because I graduate(hopefully) in one month, conversing with a loved one, cleaning, working TO MAKE MONEY, networking TO MAKE MONEY, working out, tanning, cooking, eating, reading a book or a magazine…screw it even myspace has more of beneficiary outcome then this stupid ass blog…yay I get an A because I dedicated hours to some pointless crap, but isnt the point of school (especially a $30,000 school) to learn? So I ask myself at the end of this babble you count as credit, what the hell did I actually learn? WWW.WORDPRESS.COM, its a website for blogging. THE END!

Hottie next door

My best friend has a hott neighboor, like really really hott, and he just broke up with his girlfriend; which is bad but good. Anyways so the good part is that he is totally digging on me, the bad news is that he is so hott he makes me retarded! I have had several occassions to kiss him and have passed all of them like he was no big deal, which is good a couple of times it keeps him on his feet, but geez its been like 5 times now! Just this past weekend, Alicia’s 21st, we rented out the presidentail suite of the Hilton and Josh and I were in the marble everything bathroom and he tired to kiss me but I didnt…because I suck! My lame excuse was I HAVE COTTON MOUTH, so its kinda legit but dangit I should have drank some water from the faucet. I am going to be beating myself up all week until I have the opportunity to make out with him…and by goly I will!

Retiring Early

I have been interning for Romy M showroom for 5 weeks now, and I like it, but it is definitely not a place that I see myself maintaining a career once I graduate. I really love Romy and Isabel, and I love being in LA but the work is so basic and NOT exciting. I want excitement and even if it does come with pressure, I want to be challenged and I want to learn everything there is to know about my choosen career. I am excited about graduation because that means I can devote full attention to my career and begin to grow within a company and as a business woman because I am determined and skillful. Fingers crossed that opportunties will continue to come my way and I will be able to take full advantage of them, so I can retire early.

Consequences that arent in style

Sometimes you stay up too late because you procrastinate on your homework because its week 5 of your last term and you just dont care. So whats the consequences of this attitude…BAGS, yes the big ones are in and you can find them right underneath my eyes. So I researched several ways to get rid of them and several methods include, tea bags, cucumbers, eye creams, cooling eye masks and vitamin E. If I wasnt so tired right now I would do one of those…but hey Im too tired so Im going to have to stick to my method which is an under eye conceler.


I have broken a record: 6 months without seeing my family. I have a 2 or 1 (how pathetic I cant even remember) year old niece and I havent hadnt any opportunity to see her grow up and its a horrible feeling because I dont know how she is going to react when I see her this July. I am also a very big Daddy’s girl and I havent seen him in six months and Im going crazy, oh and I also have 7 year old brother who is the love of my life and one of my best friends and last time I talked him he said to me “sissy I miss you and I dont want you to go back to California I want you to stay her forever” I cried because I missed him so much. Sometimes I wonder if its even worth it, monetary vs. family, a constant battle, but thats not all I am out here for its for personal growth as well. This past weekend my Father called me and told me that he bought my plane ticket and I will be going home July 13th and will be staying for two whole weeks, and I cannot wait! fam.jpg


Friends rocks my world! I have no cable at my house because it is just another bill I do not want to pay, anyways so my old room mate’s sister was stationed in Iraq and she brought back the whole collection of friends; yes season 1-10!! So I’ve been watching then season by season, episode by episode and anxiously wait the final season because I have NEVER seen it! At the rate Im going, which by the way currently watching season 6 downstairs, and season 7 upstairs, I’ll prolly be done by the end of the week. If I finish it by the end of the week I’ll be pretty excited but also not so excited because I’ll keep watching them repeatively, but upside of that is I will know alot of friend’s quotes which are always perfect at every moment in life. pictures.jpg

Pimpin is easy

I dont know where the saying pimpin aint easy came from, because it is. Good story: On the plane ride back to Texas for Christmas I met a guy, he was sitting next to me and I knew he was a pretty cool guy when he said he wanted to buy adult footed pajamas, anyways so I gave him my number and we started talking. Luckily* a week later I was single and so when I came back to Long Beach Travis* and I met up and had lunch. So I have been seeing Travis* for 6 months now, while at the same time atleast maintaining 3 other boyfriend’s* on the side. There has been Cody, Sam, Josh, Brad, and I cant even remember anymore. My motto is “If I cant have the one boy who has all of the qualities I want, then I’ll just have to date alot of them and collectively they will have all of my favorite characteristics!” So I love boys…all of them, and Im thinking about maybe becoming the female hugh hefner!pimp.jpg

Grr to boyfriends

He was wearing a zip up jacket at night when I first saw him, and my initial thought was whoweeee he is HOTT, but I thought I would never get the chance to meet him…but I did! It was a typical night at baycrest and my room mate and I were watching a movie and she had invited over some boys, and HE happened to be one of them! He and I ended up talking all night about everything and we had sooo much in common, he left at 5 in the morning and we didnt see or talk to each other for three weeks…kinda bummer I know. BUT one night I was hanging out with Alicia again and the boys called and said they were going to tijuana, I wasnt feeling well and didnt want to got but I heard he was going so I went…and it was AMAZING! We danced all night, held hands, and kissed! After that night we were pretty much inseperable and I never enjoyed myself with a boyfriend as much I did with him…and then he broke up with me NEW YEARS DAY! greg.jpg Yeah pretty much the day right after he called and told me how great I was…LAME! So its been like 6 months and I still think about him everyday…so emo! The worst part is that he has a girlfriend, but wait why? because his excuse for breaking up with me was because he had a demanding schedule and I was an excellent girlfriend and he didnt feel that it was right for me because he couldnt give me everything I wanted, pretty sure I was okay with how things were, but WHATEVER! BOYS SUCK…ESPECIALLY HIM!

igoo wanna

hello. this is yoshi, kristens, roomates, pet iguana speaking…err typing

it is now day 57 of my capture. im surviving but barely. my skin seems to peel off every other day or so…which mistifys me since i drink enough water to drown a small baby. i wander around the room all day only to have horrific encounters with piles of dirty laundry, trash cans that shouldve been emptied weeks ago, and feminine products which gang up on me by the thousands so i must knock every single one of them down….every day. sometimes i run into this other iguana….he seems to be in a similar situation or else he is mocking me because he does everything i do exactly. my owner likes to tell me its just some piece of glass but i know she is keeping something from me. the birds outside the window mock me. they see i cannot escape so they fly by to remind me of their freedom. in order to resist my torture i drop amazingly stenchful piles of poo…i can see this displeases the master but it still does me no good. IF ONLY I HAD NOT ALREADY BEEN BRAINWASHED TO ONLY POO IN THE CAGE! alass. i WILL escape…and my first victim will definetly be kristen. i can already see the fear in her eyes when i scurry at her tail snapping jaws clenched and freakishly long toe nails stretched. MUHAHAHA I AM EEEEVVVIIIL!